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Bio-Genesys offers an innovative range of nutrition and hygiene products specifically designed for cost-saving and improved animal welfare. 


Nutri-genomics is a new agricultural discipline which couples the individual genomic information of an animal to its feeding regimen and requirements. The concept is for Bio-Genesys Diagnostics to read the animal's genome, allowing our nutritionists to maximise nutrition to exploit these genetics.

We are continuously researching new products to support the best animal health and welfare and increase feed efficiency. Wewill work with you to determine the best feed mixes for your farm's requirements, adjusting vitamin and mineral ratios to meet the precise needs of your livestock.


 Our technical experts in livestock hygiene have been developing new solutions and applications for livestock welfare for more than 20 years. The current hygiene range* features high quality products for udder hygiene, bedding hygiene, hoof hygiene, facility hygiene and water treatment.

Udder Hygiene

 Our range of udder hygiene products contribute to good hygienic practice for immediate and long term protection of dairy cattle udders enabling continued high quality, milk production. includes products for Pre-milking and sealing, Prevention of mastitis, Improving the quality of teat skins, Deep teat cleaning

Desysec bedding hygiene

Desysec is a non-irritant, non-abrasive powder with a strong disinfecting power - ideal for cubicles with a rubber mat or filled with organic material such as straw, sawdust, or dry manure. Desysec products enable greater absorbency and sanitisation which helps to reduce the risk of poor animal health associated with poor bedding hygiene. 



Hoof Hygiene

 It is estimated that the economic benefit of 4 good feet is £80 - £100 per cow per lactation; a return of £10,000 per 100 herd per annum. (Blackshaw T, (2012) Livestock North West.) The Podoforce product range helps prevent hoof problems and improve hoof health in stabled or grazing animals enabling the animal to reach its full potential. It is a cost effective foot bath to be used regularly and routinely.

In dairy cows, lame cows produce less milk, are less likely to get back in calf and are more likely to be culled; the cost of foot bathing represents roughly 18% of the cost of digital lameness. (DairyCo, 2008)

Facilities Management

The Dalacle product range contributes to good hygiene practice in facilities management and associated equipment. Bio- Genesys also offers a range of microbiological mechanical and chemical treatments to assist in good animal management, maintenance and improvement in animal health.

* All of our hygiene products sold in the UK are QAC free. 


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