Bio-Banking Solutions

“High quality, data-rich samples are essential for future research. But obtaining and storing these samples is not a straightforward as many researchers think." 

Alison Hubel, Nature Vol 486, 7 June 2012


Bio-Genesys offer a range of high quality sample management and packaging solutions for the preservation of biological samples at variable low temperatures including temperature as low as LN2.

  • QUALITY: Preserving and maintaining sample integrity during cryopreservation to ensure thehighest quality of biological samples to enable accurate research anddiagnostic testing.
  • SAFETY: Reducing the risk of sample degradation  and cross-contamination during storage thus reducing the downstream costs of inadequate sample management.
  • TRACEABILITY: Enabling full traceability through the use of varied identification solutions without impairing sample quality to meet audit and governance requirements.
  • EFFICIENCY: Maximising storage space to optimise capacity.

For further information download our Bio Banking Presentation here

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