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The core competencies of Bio-Genesys are in assisted reproductive technology, veterinary bio-banking and cryogenically stored gametes. Through our association with Enfer Labs, Bio-Genesys provide genomic, veterinary and reproductive diagnostic testing plus bio-banking solutions to meet a range of customer needs. 


Genomic testing

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics,  in partnership with Affymetrix and Enfer, provides genomic testing of commercial farm animals, to inform targeted breeding strategies for a rapid improvement in the genetic response of the whole herd, and for the identification of animals that carry deleterious genetic disorders or disease.

Bio-Genesys is the first agribusiness in Europe to use the Affymetrix platform for genomic testing and the first new entrant to design our own custom bovine and ovine SNP panels. We are the first agricultural laboratory worldwide to install a Gene Titan machine. Read more… 


Diagnostic Kits

We provide reproductive diagnostic solutions to commercial live stock organisations. Bio-Genesys provide access to PCR, ELISA, assay technologies to enable producers and veterinary practices to assess the reproductive and health status of individual animals within herds and flocks.

Specifically, the following types of diagnostics are available: 

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea 

We offer BVDv antigen test kits for skin tissue from ear notches and BVDv antibody tests for milk and blood samples. We also have PCR tests available for less than 40 day old. For more information about BVD and our respective tests click here or download our brochure:

Multiplex Elisa 

The Enferplex Multiplex Platform is the next generation ELISA which allows multiple results from one sample. It can support up to 16 individual antigens or antibodies for analysis as separate assays. We can put together tests for most major diseases of interest in the veterinary field. We provide such tests either as a service, carried out in our accredited testing facility, or as a kit, produced in our accredited manufacturing facilities.

Goat/Sheep Multiplex kit

Designed as a flock health check, it assays 5 antigens at a time and can be used with milk and serum samples. 

Tuberculosis (TB)

We have a multi-antigen assay for TB available which has been optimised for use in Cattle, Goats, Pigs and Wild Boar, Deer, Badger, Camelids (Llamas and Alpacas).


Animal Health screening

Bio-Genesys Veterinary solutions enables pathogenic testing of biological fluid as part of its Veterinary Liaison Service.  Bio-Genesys will act as the communication / focal point between customers (processors, supermarkets, processors, suppliers / farmers )and the relevant veterinary regulatory affairs bodies or consultant vet.


 Delivering solutions through integrity.
 Reproductive and diagnostic solutions for professional farming operations.


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