Genomic testing

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics, in partnership with Affymetrix and Enfer, provides genomic testing of commercial farm animals, to inform targeted breeding strategies for a rapid improvement in the genetic response of the whole herd, and for the identification of animals that carry deleterious genetic disorders or disease.

Genomic testing allows farmers to benchmark the genetic quality of their herd and make selection decisions for production traits such as high milk fat yield and high milk protein yield, thus optimising their production to niche markets in order to command higher prices. 

Bio-Genesys is the first agribusiness in Europe to use the Affymetrix platform for genomic testing and the first new entrant to design our own custom bovine and ovine SNP panels. We are the first agricultural laboratory worldwide to install a Gene Titan machine. 


Bovine 50K Array

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics partners with Cogent Breeding and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) to offer a commercial genomic testing service for dairy cattle in Europe and the UK at highly competitive prices. In collaboration with the Affymetrix technical team, we have custom designed a 50K commercial cattle breeding SNP chip, called the Bio-Genesys Precision DNA 50K Bovine Array. The chip contains SNPs and haplotypes that yield genomic information about health, fertility, production, type traits, parentage and breed. The chip is used on the Affymetrix Axiom 384HT platform, which generates high quality genomic data quickly, consistently, and cost effectively. We have an exclusive global agreement with Cogent Breeding to market this technology and future-proof the product development. We are one of only five laboratories globally with CDCB accreditation, giving us direct access to the CDCB to produce TPIs (Total Performance Indices) as defined by the US Holstein and Jersey Associations. 

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Ovine 50K Array

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics is collaborating with a team at the Universidad de León, Spain, to design an ovine 50,000 SNP chip and carry out a baseline genomic study of three dairy sheep breeds. The research team is led by Professor Juan José Arranz Santos, from the Department of Animal Production at the Universidad de León and involves researchers from four different groups, with expertise ranging from genetic improvement in dairy sheep to developing genomic methodologies. Bio-Genesys will carry out 3000 genotyping tests of sheep breeds Assaf, Churra and Lacaune, with the 50K SNP chip on the Affymetrix Axiom 384HT Platform. The resulting genomic information will be combined with productivity data provided by the breed associations, to estimate statistical associations between various SNPs and particular productivity traits.  This study includes milk traits (milk yield, protein percentage, milk fat percentage), health traits (SCC) and reproductive traits (fertility, prolificacy).

The chip is also available for commercial use - for information contact

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