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Genomic Solutions Presentation

Date: 26/08/2016

  The Commercial Director of Bio-Genesys Ltd, Dr Jack Behan, gave a presentation on using genomics as a breeding management strategy at the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK AGM, which was held earlier this week. The slides for the...

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Research & Development

Innovative Mineral Block Improves Poultry Welfare

Date: 18/03/2016

Bio-Genesys has developed an innovative mineral block for chickens. Intended as an alimentary supplement, the Avipeck block provides a ‘choice feeding’ regimen and has been demonstrated to improve not only nutrition but also welfare, in several important ways. It was initially formulated as an anti-stress product and preventive for behavioural problems, such as pecking and feather...

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Research & Development

Innovative Mineral Block for Game Birds

Date: 19/10/2015

Following the success of its new mineral block for chickens, Avipeck, Bio-Genesys is now developing a brand new block for game birds, in particular for pheasants and partridges. Our mineral blocks provide a 'choice feeding' regimen and are intended as an...

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Research & Development

Could Avipeck be the Answer?

Date: 26/06/2015

The following is a summary of the key points in a very interesting article that appeared in the September 2014 edition of the French Poultry journal Filières Avicoles,   "Campylobacter: stratégies de réductions envisagées" (Campylobacter: proposed reduction strategies),  by G. Le Pottier, V. Elgosi, J. Mayot, Y. Carré. ...

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Research & Development

Article on Water Treatment Methods

Date: 25/02/2015

This is the English translation of an article written by Cuhigen technical expert Luis Ángel Hidalgo and published in the Albéitar veterinary magazine in September 2014. You can find the original...

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