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Date: 1/02/2016

Keeping your livestock healthy is vital to producing high quality and profitable animals. Having good biosecurity measures in place can reduce...

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Yorkshire Farmer Endorses Desysec

Date: 27/01/2016

Tony Hardem is herdsman for Tim Leather of Hall Farm, Green Hammerton, North Yorkshire. Hall Farm has a herd of 220 cows, which are housed through the winter in loose housing. Tony was using a powder spread over the bedding once a week, to help...

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Bio-Genesys Launches Genomic Testing Service

Date: 14/01/2016

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics has entered a partnership with Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFX) to offer commercial genotyping services to professional farming operations. After a significant testing phase, Bio-Genesys Diagnostics is now offering genotyping for cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and camelids. Genotyping is a process that determines which particular genetic variants, or alleles, of a trait or set...

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Bio-Genesys Expands with New Facility in Ripon

Date: 4/01/2016

Bio-Genesys Ltd is opening a new 4000 square foot warehouse, office and retail facility in Ripon, North Yorkshire. All product for the UK and Ireland will be distributed out of this facility, allowing Bio-Genesys to substantially reduce lead times on orders. The site will be managed by Richard Lapthorne, Technical Sales Manager at Bio-Genesys. "This development gives Bio-Genesys a much needed...

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Rodents and Pests

Date: 21/12/2015

With the unusually mild weather at the moment, rats and mice are experiencing good conditions for breeding and raising their young. Rats especially can carry diseases such as Leptospirosis, which is harmful to...

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