Bio-Genesys Wins New Product Award

Bio-Genesys received a prestigious New Product Award at the 2014 British Pig and Poultry Fair. Bio-Genesys identified a significant need for a nutrition block, 'Tegablock', to provide growing and finishing pigs with a vitamin and mineral supply. This block allows pigs to choice feed and control their own supplement intake of vitamin and minerals.

The blocks have been recognised as providing a welfare tool and are being sold successfully across Europe, along with Porci-chews as part of the EU requirement for providing play toys. The Tegablock has been shown to reduce vice whilst also improving DLWG (daily live weight gain) and LTFC (lean tissue food conversion).

Tegablock is distributed in  the UK by East Ridings Farm Services, under the name of Porcibloc. 



Date: 29/05/2014
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