Bio-Genesys Develops New Block for Birds

Bio-Genesys has developed a brand new mineral block for chickens. Avi-Block provides a 'choice feeding' regimen and is intended as an alimentary supplement.

Initial trials carried out with both broilers and layers led to the following observations.


  • The block significantly improves feed conversion ratios. 33g of of additional growth per bird was measured in 4 x 24,000 broiler crops against a control group. Birds take to the block from entry to the broiler shed.
  • Avi-Block mortality and morbidity levels lower by 7.1%. 
  • Leg scores significantly higher, internal organ weight higher albeit not significantly.
  • Lower incidence impaired walking ability, tibial dyschondroplasia, foot pad burns (utilised in conjunction with Desysec).
  • Water intake not significantly different between Avi-Block fed birds and control group.
  • One block to every 800 birds, 30 blocks to 24,000 broiler crop.


  • Egg production in second crop increased against control group albeit non-significant.
  • Egg mass significantly higher against control group.
  • Egg weight significantly higher against control group.
  • Mean overall egg shell density unchanged in young first crop hens, mean overall egg shell density increased in older second crop hens.
  • One block to every 600 birds for free-range hens. 

A large trial will now be carried out in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College.



Date: 28/07/2014
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