Innovative Mineral Block for Game Birds

Following the success of its new mineral block for chickens, Avipeck, Bio-Genesys is now developing a brand new block for game birds, in particular for pheasants and partridges. Our mineral blocks provide a 'choice feeding' regimen and are intended as an alimentary supplement. 

'At Bio-Genesys we are always looking to develop and improve products. We were asked if we could provide a mineral block for the game birds similar to our successful Avipeck block designed for broilers and layers”, explained Richard Lapthorne, Technical Sales Manager at Bio-Genesys Ltd. “Early trials are encouraging and we welcome enquiries from interested parties”, he added.

Until recently, little information has been available on the nutrient requirements of game birds such as pheasant, quail and partridge. Furthermore, the game bird diet must be tailored to the purpose for which they are reared: birds reared for release on hunting preserves generally require a diet high in protein and low in energy, to produce leaner birds. A high rate of weight gain could impact negatively on their ability to fly. Pheasants might also develop leg disorders or abnormal feather growth if certain nutrients such as protein, methionine, calcium, phosphorous, niacin, ribloflavin, choline, manganese and zinc are lacking in their diet. 

The Bio-Genesys block for game birds is being developed based on dietary recommendations from research carried out at Auburn University*. It is currently being trialled in Spain and one of the field work goals is to measure whether or not the birds fly further with extra energy intake.   

Rachael Fawkes, Business Development Manager at Bio-Genesys Ltd said that, “This is a really exciting time for Bio-Genesys and the game bird industry. Not only is this product a step in the right direction for the productivity and health for the game birds, but what is also interesting is the current research being carried out, which will supply us and the industry with some useful data.”

To find out more about the block, call Richard on 0734 156 0856

*John P. Blake & Joseph B. Hess, 2009, Feeding Game Birds: Pheasant, Quail, and Partridge, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, ANR-1343
Date: 19/10/2015
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