Use Desysec this Winter

With winter approaching, the weather can have an adverse effect on the health of all livestock.

Desysec from Bio-Genesys is a multi-functional powder with exceptional absorption and sanitising qualities. 

Days when the air does not move can lead to damp, clammy atmospheric conditions; moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria, challenging an animal’s immune system as well as adding to the pressure on respiratory systems.

Keeping the back of cubicles clean and dry will help to prevent mastitis; calf pens that are well ventilated and have a dry bed will give the calf the best opportunity to develop.

Desysec, if spread on to a straw bed once or twice a week, will help to maintain a dry, sanitary lying area, including dry cow pens. 

Desysec can be used in farrowing systems for pigs, spread in the lying area for piglets. Desysec will help keep the floor dry, providing a clean and comfortable environment.

Desysec is available in 10kg buckets, 20kg bags or 1000kg bulk bags.

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Date: 26/10/2015
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