Udder Health

Udders are something that most of us take for granted, as we see them at least twice a day. Usually they cause little trouble but in today’s work environment, where farms may employ relief staff, or simply due to the sheer number of animals, we may miss small changes which could affect the udder or teats.

Having good pre- and post-milking routines and protocols in place and adhered to by all persons undertaking the milking will help to reduce potential problems.

Issues such as mastitis can be controlled by wearing protective gloves and using the correct pre- and post- disinfectants for your farm, as well as the correct method of application, be that spraying or dipping. 

Make sure that the area where the animals lie is clean and dry: backs of cubicles should be cleaned and bedded regularly, loose housing not over stocked and bedding manure cleaned out at least every 5 weeks. Keeping tails short by clipping will help to keep the backs of udders clean, as well as making them less likely to be swiped by a dirty tail!

There is a multitude of different ways in which to keep udders healthy (we haven’t even touched on diet, breeding and dry cow therapy).

If we stop and take a look at the udder, we may just be able to trace back through the system to find a pressure point that could be causing a problem.

Bio-Genesys can supply advice on a range of products, including gloves, teat dips and sprays, as well as products for improving bedding areas.

Call Bio-Genesys today on 01584878704 for further information.

Date: 2/12/2015
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