Bio-Genesys Launches Genomic Testing Service

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics has entered a partnership with Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ:AFFX) to offer commercial genotyping services to professional farming operations. After a significant testing phase, Bio-Genesys Diagnostics is now offering genotyping for cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and camelids. Genotyping is a process that determines which particular genetic variants, or alleles, of a trait or set of traits an individual possesses.

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics is working exclusively with Affymetrix, who provide strong technical and customisation expertise in developing custom genotyping arrays and panels in agrigenomics. "Affymetrix has a proven track record of successful deployment of genotyping solutions in support of industrial scale genomic selection programs in species of key economic importance in livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and plant-based molecular breeding programs," said Laurent Bellon, PhD, senior vice-president and general manager, Genotyping Business Unit at Affymetrix. "We are excited to enable Bio-Genesys’s commercial genotyping service for multiple livestock species using our Axiom 384HT genotyping solution. Bio-Genesys required a genotyping technology that offered complete customisation flexibility to develop multispecies custom designed arrays which generate high quality genomic data quickly, consistently, and cost effectively. The Axiom 384HT platform delivers all of these requirements in routine industrial testing". 

"The future of animal genetics and animal breeding is linked to artificial reproductive technologies, in particular with respect to the sale of semen and embryos", stated Dr Jack Behan, Commercial Director of Bio-Genesys. "The integration of genomic testing into existing breeding programmes ensures that the reliability of donor animals, and therefore the intensity of genetic selection, is markedly increased." 

Genomic selection speeds up the process at work in selection through conventional breeding, by significantly increasing the rate of genetic progress through much shorter generation intervals. It is being used to increasing advantage in dairy cattle breeding programmes, particularly in the USA, to select animals with desirable alleles for milk yield and other production traits. "The genomic testing of herds and flocks gives farmers the opportunity to benchmark the genetic quality and capability of their stock", explained Rachael Fawkes, Business Development Manager at Bio-Genesys.

Bio-Genesys Diagnostics, in collaboration with the Affymetrix technical team, has developed a commercial cattle breeding array of 20K SNPs, which we are now promoting across Europe. Since the start of our pilot study we have commercially tested over 8000 cows.  The results have enabled customers to significantly improve the genetic response in a single generation, as a result of targeted breeding. 

"Until now, livestock farmers across the UK and Europe have not had access to a cost-effective means of genomic testing of their herds", said Dr Michelle Doherty, who provides a science communications and consulting service to Bio-Genesys. "Although it provides valuable information, the cost of such testing has been generally prohibitive, with the price of a single test often higher than the value of the animal itself. The advent of new, lower-cost technologies is revolutionising livestock breeding and production, and Bio-Genesys is set to lead the way in the UK and Europe. "   

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Date: 14/01/2016
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