Yorkshire Farmer Endorses Desysec

Tony Hardem is herdsman for Tim Leather of Hall Farm, Green Hammerton, North Yorkshire. Hall Farm has a herd of 220 cows, which are housed through the winter in loose housing.

Tony was using a powder spread over the bedding once a week, to help control their already low cell counts and low incidence of mastitis cases. The powder was an expensive cost and Tony was asked to trial Desysec from Bio-Genesys as an alternative product.

'The Desysec powder was used initially in only one of the loose housing yards and was very easy to apply’, Tony said. After no problems were found to occur he then used Desysec throughout all of the loose yards. ‘We have had fewer cases of mastitis in the 5 months since we have been using the product and have reduced the cost to treat the bedding’, he stated. Tony now plans to use Desysec in the calf pens too.

Call our Technical Sales Manager Richard on 07341560856 to arrange a trial of Desysec on your farm.


Date: 27/01/2016
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