Keeping your livestock healthy is vital to producing high quality and profitable animals.

Having good biosecurity measures in place can reduce the chances of diseases and infections entering your holding.

Simple things like having a foot dip for people to dip their foot wear in, along with a brush to remove heavily soiled boots, will help. It would be advisable to disinfect your own footwear when returning from farm walks or local livestock markets. Hand washing facilities will benefit staff as well as visitors.

It can be difficult to stop all infections and diseases from entering your holding but by putting in place some form of biosecurity plan you can help reduce the chances of bringing a disease on to the holding. 

Bio-Genesys can supply disinfectants for general farm use as well as food grade quality for those producing feed products.

Please contact Bio-Genesys for further information. 


Date: 1/02/2016
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