Improving Animal Welfare

Welfare, as we all know, is a big issue in the agricultural industry. We as farmers know the importance of keeping livestock healthy and well looked after, for animals that are cared for are more profitable and easier to look after.

There are numerous products on the market that can relieve boredom and reduce conditions such as feather pecking in poultry or hock/tail biting in pigs.

At Bio-Genesys we came at it from a different angle and developed products designed to improve performance while increasing welfare.

Producers who have used our Avipeck blocks have found that birds are less likely to feather peck, have an improved gait and stronger bones, producing a healthier bird. Placing the blocks around the sheds gives the birds a greater variety of points at which to congregate, meaning drinkers and feed areas are less congested, reducing the stress on the birds.

With pigs, the use of Porcichews and Porciblocks has shown a reduction in stress levels and overall improved welfare. Pigs are found to be calmer to handle and this has also had an impact on meat quality.

We all strive to provide an environment in which animals can reach their full potential The UK is at the forefront of animal welfare and Bio-Genesys is helping to further raise those standards. Improving welfare can bring added gains: it not only improves the animal’s life, but the producer's as well. 

For more information on our products please visit our website or contact us directly on 01584878704. 


Date: 1/03/2016
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