Calving Protocol

Giving a calf the best start in life is one of the most important areas that you can concentrate on.

Having a standard protocol in place will help ensure all staff know what to do and will keep the system simple.

1.Once that calf is born then the high quality stored colostrum should be fed to the calf – ideally 10% of body weight within the first half an hour.

2.Treat the navel.

3.Double ear tag the calf. Use a BVD tag.

4.Insert a Fever tag – a new piece of technology that tracks the calf temperature and will alert the farmer through an app on his/her smart phone of any deviation from the normal.

5.Separate the calf.

6.Milk the cow - make sure the cow gets plenty of clean, fresh, luke warm water to drink.

7.Measure the quality of the colostrum and store it if the quality is high.

This is an example of a protocol that Bio-Genesys has seen under working conditions and used to very good effect, and which we believe brings real benefits to the stock and the farm.

Calves cared for using this method have produced excellent growth rates and contributed to lower mortality rates.

For more information on either the BVD or Fever tags or for any other requirements please contact Bio-Genesys at  or on 01765 692273



Date: 7/04/2016
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