I was talking with a couple of farmers recently who both had had calves react badly to being dehorned.

Both of the farmers had used a gas dehorner and both had been using this method for a long time and were well practiced in the skill. Excess bleeding resulted in the loss of one calf, with the other calf also losing blood but recovering after some time.

I was asked if there was an alternative dehorner-disbudder on the market.

There are a number of options on the market but they settled on an electric dehorner which we were happy to supply.

This is a hand-held, rechargeable, battery-powered tool that heats up a ceramic element.

The dehorner only needs 7.5 seconds of contact around the base of the horn, to cut off and cauterize the blood supply to the horn on young calves less than 2 weeks old and prevents partial regrowth of the horn. The bud is then perfectly seared.

As the dehorner has no wires or gas pipes and virtually no waiting time to heat up, it makes the practice a quicker and smoother process for both the operator and the calf.

If you would like to know more about the electric dehorner, please contact for more information.


Date: 31/05/2016
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