Bio-Genesys Ltd to Distribute Anti-Germ Products in UK and Ireland

Bio-Genesys Ltd has signed an agreement with Anti-Germ France for exclusive distribution of their products throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Founded in 1973 and based in Vaas, France, Anti-Germ are specialists in hygiene and disinfection for livestock production systems. Their wealth of technical expertise has been built up over more than 40 years in the industry and their research and design (R&D) lab works closely with users to develop new and innovative solutions for livestock hygiene.  Anti-Germ maintains an efficient, automated production line for a constant quality of service, which is monitored daily by an ISO9001 certified quality control laboratory.

Franck Foulon, CEO of Anti-Germ France, is delighted to have finalised the distribution agreement between Bio-Genesys and Anti-Germ, which is characterised by its international scope (also involving Inatega, Spain) and by a dynamic, responsive team. “My first meeting with Jack Behan was really exciting and we fully agree with the biosecurity goals he is working towards. Breeders and livestock organisations need to decrease the use of antibiotics and we provide high quality products to reduce residues. We will act in partnership with them to help each producer ensure that at the end of the chain, the best possible food or milk product is delivered to the consumer.”

Richard Lapthorne, Technical Sales Manager at Bio-Genesys Ltd said that “There are many synergies between our companies – both share the same philosophy of providing excellent product and information, backed by and fully supported by excellent after care; both companies also take the long term view to business success”.

Anti-Germ produce a broad range of high quality products for all aspects of livestock hygiene. Their range of pre- and post-milking udder treatments, facility hygiene products and animal drinking water treatment will be of particular interest to our customers. 

There are some interesting new products currently in development including a biofilm kit and an innovative teat dip barrier product. 

Anti-Germ products will be distributed out of our new warehouse facility in Ripon, which is ideally placed for transport and distribution links with France. 

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Date: 1/06/2016
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