Semen Thawing

Farmers have grown more aware of the need to have their heifers and cows in the best possible condition prior to bulling and insemination, to result in successful pregnancies, but has the same thought gone in to semen preparation?

Having a semen thaw flask is all well and good if it is used correctly, but how many people can accurately judge how long a straw has been thawing for, or what the correct temperature is?

Normal semen needs to be thawed between 35°–36°C for 45 seconds and sexed semen between 36°–37°C for 40 seconds, for optimal results.

Having a flask that can take the guess work out the equation would be a big help.

The new Dairymac Superthaw is a British designed and built semen thawing unit that is easy to use and has the ability to warm the AI gun while thawing the straw.

It has a digital readout of the flask temperature and a timer that can be set to the desired length of thawing, after which an alarm sounds.

This product can take the guess work out of semen thawing and can help increase your conception rate.

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Date: 1/08/2016
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