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Bio-Genesys Diagnostics, in collaboration with the Affymetrix technical team, has designed a 50K commercial cattle breeding SNiP chip, which will be promoted throughout the UK and across Europe. Cogent Breeding and Bio-Genesys Diagnostics have signed an exclusive global agreement to market this technology and future-proof the product development. The chip is called the Bio-Genesys Precision DNA 50K Bovine Array and after extensive pilot testing is now ready to use. 

The chip contains SNiPs and haplotypes that will yield genomic information about health, fertility, production, and type traits, as well as parentage and breed. The chip is designed for use with the Affymetrix Axiom 384HT platform, which generates high quality genomic data quickly, consistently, and cost effectively. 

Customers will be able to use the bio-data generated from genotyping tests with this array to inform targeted breeding strategies, significantly improving the genetic response of their herd within a single generation. Genomic testing  allows farmers to benchmark the genetic quality of their herd and make selection decisions for production traits such as high milk fat yield and high milk protein yield, thus optimising their production to niche markets, in order to command higher prices. 

The Bio-Genesys Precision DNA 50K Bovine Array will be marketed independently in Spain by Bio-Genesys partner company Inatega, in Portugal by Lusogenes and within the island of Ireland by Enfer Scientific. 

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Date: 17/08/2016
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