Qualified AI Technician on Staff

Ariadne Kidson, technical sales manager for Bio-Genesys in Ireland, has completed a course of training in artificial insemination, under the supervision of James N. Quinn, M.V.B., M.Sc., M.R.C.V.S., as specified in the conditions for Artificial Insemination of cows by a herd owner or his wholetime employee under the Livestock (Artificial Insemination) Act 1947 and the Livestock (Artificial Insemination) Regulations 1948.  

The course was run over 5 – 6 days, with a heavy focus on practical experience under close supervision. It also involved a theory component and recommended background reading. 

The certification means that Ariadne can now inseminate cows under her own herd number or for an AI company who supplies semen. “I immensely enjoyed the course,” said Ariadne. “The long and short is you are qualified to get cows pregnant, which is a high level of responsibility and is a common industry practice. It encompasses high levels of trust from the farmer as you are dealing directly with their livelihood and given access to their farms”.  


Date: 29/08/2016
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