Working in Partnership.

Bio-Genesys Ltd works in partnership with leading organisations in the sector to bring to its customers high quality products and services. This assists Bio-Genesys’ customers to deliver optimal animal health, improved business outcomes, cost efficiencies and achievement of their business goals.


A Spanish agricultural solutions provider with a strong emphasis on R&D. They have a multidisciplinary livestock expert team that works towards both short and long term goals, providing animal nutrition and health advice, adapting solutions to new scenarios and needs and ensuring better livestock profitability for farmers.

Inatega manufactures our Nutri-genomic / Neonate (Inatega brand) and Hygiene (Cuhigen brand) product ranges. 


The largest private veterinary diagnostics laboratory in Ireland. Bio-Genesys collaborates with Enfer across Europe to provide diagnostic solutions to vets, commercial farms, food production companies, protein processors and supermarket supply chains. Together with Enfer we offer a fast results turnaround for customers, using the latest technology.   


Bio-Genesys Diagnostics has partnered with Affymetrix, Inc. to offer commercial genotyping services across the UK and Europe. Genetic testing services for cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, and camelids are run exclusively on Affymetrix’s technology. Affymetrix is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, San Diego, Vienna, and Singapore. Affymetrix has about 1,100 employees and maintains sales and distribution operations worldwide. They provide us with strong technical and customisation expertise  in developing custom genotyping arrays and panels in agrigenomics.


Cogent offers the strongest, most diversified portfolio of bovine genetics available on the UK genetics market today. Bio-Genesys Diagnostics has developed a 50K SNP chip for genotyping cattle which will provide Cogent’s breeding advisers and their clients with valuable genomic information to guide their breeding strategies.

 Delivering solutions through integrity.
 Reproductive and diagnostic solutions for professional farming operations.


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